If you have found this page then perhaps you may have questions in relation to dying death or even post death choices for care, for either yourself or a loved one.

Death is something that is not very much talked about in our culture and certainly not within our inner circle of family friends or community. However as science has not yet discovered the elixir for eternal life at sometime we are all going to have to face death and the myriad choices and decisions surrounding this.

Choices in caring for the dead


It has only been in the last one hundred or so years that we have handed the care of the dead over to a third party to what we now know to be a funeral home and its funeral directors. Prior to this and in many cultures still today, care for the dead belongs in the home and within family and community. There are volumes of anecdotal evidence that suggests caring or at least participating more directly in care for our deceased loved can bring great benefits to the grieving and bereavement process. Personally I have witnessed the sacredness of space held by family and friends as they have cared for a loved one prior to a funeral. Sure it is not for everyone and perhaps only a very few, but the more choices we have available the more empowered we feel that we have done our best for loved one and their final goodbye to this earthly life.

Sustainability and environmental impact


Perhaps you are seeking a more sustainable option for yourself or a loved one.  If you have lived a life caring for your environment and conscious of the footprint you leave behind then why should this not be carried over into death.  A simple sustainably produced coffin or shrouding may be a choice in death which reflects more of what you hold true in life.

Biography work

If we reflect on the narrative that is our own life, most of us will say that we could/should write a book about it and that is true.  In many of the stories I have heard in my time as a celebrant the themes of endurance courage and triumph are common.  It generally the stuff that blockbuster Hollywood movies are made of.  The difference being that these stories are real and right here within our community, and each one deserves to be told and heard.


Perhaps you can’t justify spending upwards of $10,000 on a funeral preferring to put the money to different uses or perhaps there just isn’t the available resources available to pay for a funeral.  We can certainly assist in choices and more affordable but no less meaningful options

As we grapple with mortality as we or a loved one approaches death there is also much that can be done to bring comfort to those affected.  



Revealing itself in its manystyles and formats creating something that is an expression of ourselves can be healing and immensely satisfying.  To bring to expression that which is often unconscious or unsaid can help release past hurts or just bring a sense of joy into the present.  Certainly not limited to paint on paper art expression can be through a variety of mediums and is only limited by ……  Well nothing really…..  


Reverie Harp.jpg

If you are like me and don’t have a musical bone in my body- don’t despair I have the instrument just for us.  A Revire Harp.  Just to look at it brings peace to the soul, and to pluck its strings brings joy and wonder.  So anyone can play it or listen to the melody of the strings.


Just because we may be acutely aware that a life is drawing to an end does not mean that we have to stop living.  Whether it be going on outings, reading a book together or simply holding a conversation.  Life and death hold so many opportunities to enjoy time with others.


Gentle touch is a wonderful thing.  Throughout life and into end of life as human beings the need for a caring hand to hold or arm to use as a support is never far away.  Using sustainable earth friendly products and dedicated hands we offer simple gentle touch through massage mainly of the hands and feet.